Real Time Pricing Powered By Big Data

The only real-time pricing optimization platform for cruise lines.

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Aprefis provides strategic business value in pricing and revenue management areas. The solution improves the price setting process in competitive markets and helps increase revenues and profitability.

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Big data at its best

In real time

We crunch 2,000,000 daily prices for 3,000 cruises with 60,000 departure dates through 1000 ports. All this in real time.

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Extract meaning from data

Extract Meaning From Data

We Offer Straight Answers to Difficult Questions

Do you know how each of your competitors affect you and what happens if they change their price?

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Real-Time Price Recommendations

Real-Time Price Recommendations

Revenue Management & Pricing Analytics

Aprefis embeds complex revenue management techniques and pricing analytics in order to maximize revenue according to market context and competitors' moves.

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Everything With Goal

Everything With One Goal

To Grow Your Revenue

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