the project
How we can help


  • Price setting is crucial in today's environment. Markets fluctuate. Competition can no longer be ignored. Internal challenges will always be there. And customers have perfect visibility.
  • The question is how you operate in this complex eco-system in which competitors influence each other and environmental factors are more present than ever? In our vision there is only one answer: knowledge.
  • Our value proposition is very specific: we provide real time price recommendations so that your company makes sure that grasps most revenue from its market.

We have
one goal
Higher profit

Help you increase your profit through smarter pricing. We do this through a unique algorithm which takes into consideration your internal data, competitor's moves and external factors such as interest rates and income levels. The output of our algorithm is a price recommendation that will maximize your profit in any given situation. We can build scenarios and section_imageulate market and competitor's behavior according to your decisions. Everything with one goal: to increase your profit.

We provide an easy to use SaS platform that can be standalone or integrated into your internal systems through our API. Deployment is days, not months. Currently our solution works for hospitality, cruise lines and e-commerce.

FeaturesThat will increase your profit

  • 1Real time quantification of competitor's moves.
  • 2Market forecast.
  • 3Adaptable sales forecast according to market landscape.
  • 4Sales forecast for different price levels.
  • 5Competitor's behavior forecast.
  • 6Scenario builder.
  • 7Performance quantification.