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Aprefis helps cruise lines to manage the Big-Data ocean.

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Cruise Intelligence

Cruise Intelligence is a powerful yet easy to use cruise rate intelligence solution.

It enables cruise lines to check if own prices are accurate across markets while analyzing competitor cruises' rates. Cruise Intelligence is available via friendly web interface or PDF reports.

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Knowing what other cruise lines are doing has never been easier.

Aprefis tracks and offers a complete price overview for each cruise offered by your competitors in several markets. Alerts are sent whenever a change in price is detected or a cabin type goes out of stock. Cruise Intelligence offers a complete overview of cruise industry by aggregating more than 2 Million prices per day for more than 2,000 cruises.

  • 2,000,000Prices
  • +2,000Cruises
  • 60,000Departure Dates
  • 1,000Ports
Aprefis Cruise Intelligence algorithm is able to identify and match each cruise uniquely in each market.

This way you can select a cruise you want to track and track its price across all markets. Currently Aprefis tracks US, Spanish, French, German, Brazilian, Italian and Portuguese markets.

Global Data Tracking

Key Features

  • Define daily reports with cruises/competitors that you want to track.
  • Define groups of competitor that are most relevant.
  • Choose markets you want to track.
  • Detect trends using moving averages for different time intervals.
  • Get alerts whenever a new trend is detected.
  • Track capacities deployed in each region and market.
  • Get alerts whenever cabin capacities go low or up in a region or market.
  • Check boarding tax for each market or region.
Data and knowledge is key in today's competitive environment.
Stay ahead of your competitors and increase revenue today.

Key Users

  • Pricing analysts
  • Revenue Managers
  • Itinerary planners